Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice

This is a serious new virus that will likely spread throughout the country causing illness and school, work, and community disruptions.

For the safety of our patients and staff, the office is now verbally screening all potential patients and families for Coronavirus (COVID-19) risk factors prior to giving office appointments.

If you have traveled to a high risk country or a high risk area within the U.S. or have had potential close contact with a lab-confirmed COVID-19 individual, our facility cannot see you in our office due to the fact that Primary Care offices (such as ours)do not have the required negative air pressure infection isolation rooms to prevent the spread to other patients and staff.

Common respiratory illnesses like Influenza are ongoing and we will continue to see these patients, however, we will not evaluate or test patients for Coronavirus (COVID-19) in this office.

For those patients with high risk exposure, concerns or questions about  Coronavirus (COVID-19), please call the Hartford Healthcare COVID-19 Hotline at (833)621-0600 or 211 for information on evaluation and testing.

We recognize that this is a stressful and uncertain time for you and your children. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we navigate this situation together.

Please read the CDC Fact Sheet for more information on Coronavirus (COVID-19).

COVID-19 Factsheet
Visit CDC Website